Why Dogon'Wild?

Here at Dogon’Wild we believe in the important connection between you and your pet.

Unfortunately dogs don’t talk, and most humans can’t understand all of their pets behavior, that’s why Dogon’Wild has made all of your K-9 solutions as easy as ordering a pizza.


Online Classes

Our online classes our designed to help our clients learn how to communicate with their dogs. We also go over exercises that help with problem issues like Jumping up on people, House breaking, Nuisance Biting, etc. All of our online classes correlate with all of our other training so that you and your dog can get the most out of your time spent together.


Personal Classes

One-on-One obedience classes with a personal trainer at your house, the mall (public access), or one of our training facilities. Each Dogon’wild personal trainer has been through one of the most intense certification processes in the country involving at least six months of hands on training that usually starts with the trainer’s own dog in their household.


Group Classes

Our group classes are held inside of Lowe’s home improvement, The Outletmall or in one of our controlled environments so that your dog can get used to dealing with real world environments during class. Each handler must go through at minimum 2 personal classes before attending group classes.


Dog Walking & Training

Have a personal trainer come to your house and work with your dog. During the walk your trainer will set your dog up for success by teaching it what it needs to know to excel in life. Each day your trainer will your dog something new so that you come home to a happy, healthy, and balanced dog all year around.


Boarding & Training

Over the past 25 years we have developed a Boarding and Training program that not only teaches the dog but also takes the time to teach the humans in the relationship a thing or two about the dog. We always start with an evaluation inside the home and finish with a minimum of 2 personal classes so that you and your dog can conquer the world together.

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