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Our Story

      Founded in 2004 by Erron M. Reid, Dogon’Wild Training and Canine Care, Erron developed  today’s unique training program specifically designed to save  the lives of man's best friend, our dogs.  By training the people that belong to them, an entirely new relationship grows from the Dogon’Wild method of training. Born and raised in El Paso, Texas, Erron trained, showed, and titled dogs competitively with the American Kennel Club (AKC) from a very early age. Traveling throughout the country for nearly 10 years, the young Mr. Reid took advantage of the rare opportunity presented by both of his parents who also work with dogs.  Working alongside his parents, Wilbert Reid and Sandra M. Reid at their ReidSan Dog Training Center and Kennel, more affectionately referred to as The Grove, in Canutillo, Texas, Erron learned the value of educating people to achieve the lifestyle they crave with their best friend, their dog. 

Of Erron’s long list of dog training skills and abilities, through practice, time invested and dedication, they include:  AKC Companion Dog Obedience (CD) , Agility, Canine Good Citizen (CGC), Conformation and Show handling, Show Quality Grooming, Proper Care and Puppy Imprinting from AKC Breeders of Merit, Therapy Dog Training and Certification, Service Dog Foundation, Public Access, Task Orientation, and Protocol, Schutzhund Sports (German for "Protection Dog") which includes: Tracking, Utility, Agility, and Personal Protection (focused aggression through play). 


Handler: Lana Atkinson 

Founder/ Decoy: Erron M. Reid ( Master Trainer)

PPD Canine: Grand Ch. LG High Definition vd Reidsan CGC CD.

In his own words "During  my time training with my parents not only did I have outstanding role models but I also had the chance to be surrounded by pure-breed and mixed-breed dogs. This great variety of breeds and types encountered almost every day of my life encouraged me to develop alternative training options and ideas. As a result, I created my unique style that I can offer clients today. From Afghan hounds to Xoloitzcuintle, dealing with and assessing all these different temperaments and drives, helped me to develop my understanding of how dogs naturally think and how their way of thinking correlates with the people that own them."


It was at Reidsan that this spark for canine psychology took an unprecedented turn. After resolving several high risk behavioral issues, Erron realized the grave danger of people’s misperceptions of their dogs, putting the wellbeing of both dog and owner at risk.  

In 2004, Erron set out to create his own dog training business  focusing on canine behavior and human modification.  Starting Dogon’Wild challenged Erron’s dog training  ideas and possibilities, motivating him to train associates so they can also change the lives of other people through the field of dog training . Based on a life time of living with and working with dogs, he now can ask, “Are you ready to challenge yourself and learn a new way to interact with your Best Friend?

Has your Dog Gone Wild???”

Founder/ Junior Handler: Erron M. Reid

Show: El Paso Kennel Club (1995)

Bouvier des Flanders : Ch. Sanomi vd Reidsan Cd. CGC

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