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Unleash the potential of your pup with Dogon'Wild Training and Canine Care.

Developed  to  save you time and money with tailored programs for every pup. Call us now or request a quote to get started today!!!

Our Services in Phoenix Az

We always start our personal training packages with an in-home assessment so we can evaluate your dog inside of it’s comfort zone where it’s most likely to have its natural reaction.

Our evaluation also makes sure  we offer the best trainer and the best training package for you and your household.

Personal Training Packages

Starting at $480


One-on-one obedience classes with a personal trainer at your house, the mall (public access), or one of our training facilities. Our personal classes are scheduled at your convenience and generally start inside your home. As we develop you and your dog's skills, we will start conducting our classes in different locations.

Boarding & Training

Starting at $1250 per week

with a 2 week minimum


Our Boarding and Training program starts with either a virtual or in-home evaluation so we can see how we can make the biggest impact in your dog's life. With the option of one of two 5 star boarding facilities or having your dog stay with a trainer,  we can tailor your dog's education to your liking.

Dog-Walking & Training

Starting at $680 per month


Have a personal trainer come to your house and work with your dog. During the walk, your trainer will set your dog up for success by teaching it what it needs to know to excel in life. Each day your trainer will teach your dog something new so you come home to a happy, healthy, and balanced dog all year around. Each dog-walking and training package comes with personal classes you can schedule at your convenience so we can take the time to teach you what your dog has learned.

In-Home Boarding & Training

Starting at $1500 per week

with a 2 week minimum


Our In-home boarding with a training program gives your dog a comfortable and neutral environment for its training, while providing it with a structured and consistent training schedule to allow your dog to adjust to its training requirements. As always our approach with training incorporates 2 conditioning techniques human psychologist have used for centuries. Classical and Operant conditioning with out the use of punishment or forceful discipline while positive reinforcement is nurtured using a low tech no treat technique through verbal and physical praise.

Get a Quote

Submitting information online to save time for dog training is quick and simple. You can submit your information on our website to get a free quote and see how we can help you or give us a call so we can discuss your dog. Our streamlined process ensures that you get the best service in the least amount of time. With our online submission form, you can quickly and easily provide us with the necessary information to get started on your dog training journey. Don't wait any longer - submit your information online today and start training your dog with ease.

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