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Choose your pricing plan

  • Complete Puppy Plan

    Valid for one month
    • Online Puppy Package
    • In Home Evaluation
    • 8 Personal Classes
    • 2 Group Classes
  • Personal Classes

    Valid for one month
    • Customized Personal Dog Training Package
    • 8 Personal Classes
    • Scheduled at your convenience
    • Classes located at your house or in your neighborhood
  • High Energy Canine

    Perfect fro busy work schedules. Online classes included
    • 3 sessions per week for a total of 12 classes
    • Schedule classes at your convenience
    • Classes that are as easy as ordering a pizza...
    • Practice at your pace with our online classes.
    • Basic - Adv1 Off-leash Training
    • No Food - No Electronic
  • Online Puppy Classes

    8wk-6mth puppy classes in the safety of your own home...
    Valid for 3 months
    • Online Puppy Package
  • Basic Puppy Package

    Set your household up for success with our basic puppy plan.
    Valid for one month
    • 6 Personal Training Classes plus Online Training Membership
    • A Dog trainer to help guide you when you need assistance.
    • One free In-home evaluation to Personalize Package.
    • High quality training that lasts a lifetime.
    • Online classes you can start before you get your puppy.
    • Start Now!!!
  • Basic Service Dog

    Valid for 3 months
    • Fundamental to Service Dog
    • Online training classes that correspond with your training.
    • Step by step guidance from a certified trainer.
    • Problem solving inside the home.
    • Temperament test is required prior to enrollment
  • Basic Dog Psychology

    • Dog psychologist w/ 25 yrs profesional experience.
    • Fundamental training with a local trainer at your house.
    • In-Home behavioral evaluations for custom training package.
    • Start making a difference in your dogs behavior Today!!!
    • Online Classes available with training packages.
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